Monday, 31 October 2016

Can you guess the theme of this forest at Tatton Park!

Well done to 6NA!

A massive well done to 6NA for achieving a forest school prize for making a brilliant start to their 'in-school John Muir Award activities.' Looking forward to completing the award with this class after Christmas! Make sure you keep coming up with ideas to of how to DISCOVER, EXPLORE, CONSERVE & SHARE.

Luminous Leaf Lanterns!

In year 5 & 6 we have been making some amazing lanterns, using the fallen autumn leaves.
This is how we made them and what they look like when they are lit up. We think they look fantastic.
Have a go at home! From, Year 6NA

Friday, 7 October 2016

Forest school stars!

This week Lexi  and Callum have been given an award for being helpful to staff and kind to the creatures in forest school. Well done!

The leaves are starting to change

Autumn has begun in forest school! So far we have started to see the leaves on our oak tree changing around the edges. We are hoping they will turn a lovely orange colour, how long do you think we will have to wait?

Year 3 thinks: 11 days
Year 4 thinks: 15 days
Year 5 thinks:  1 weeks
Year 6 thinks 14 days

Who will be right?