Thursday, 19 October 2017

5LE Dear forest school diary!

Best part of forest school is eating biscuits. We also love going on adventures and finding mini beast's

What I've improved on going out side more. Also I have improved my understanding TO NOT GO INSIDE THE FIRE CIRCLE encase there's a fire going up and you walk into it.
Heather   &   Dylan

Best part of forest  school is going outside and making jigsaws with friend's along with pond dipping.

I've improved at my survival skills and art with leaves. I have also improved in making friends and building dens and playing together. Beth & Jason

Forest school performance

In forest school this week some of 4EC preformed a pantomime based on the tale of Snow White. They had the audience laughing out loud at the silly comedy! The realistic pantomime mixed with the continuous jokes was show stopping. The actors spoke with fantastic clarity ,it was mesmerising. "My favoured part was when the cheeky zebra went and pulled a silly face at the hunter, when he tried to steal the Queens golden crown." Reuben
"My favourite part was when the hunter ran around crazy and then stopped when Snow White threw a delicious hot pie in his face." Posy

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Our apples are being harvested!

Check out this apple pie made with apples from our orchard!
"It was tasty!"
"I can't believe they are from forest school!"
We were very proud to pick them and take them to the school kitchen.

Here is a game we played with some of the spare apples, we made a tree out of wood and had to balance on the logs to pick the apples under a time limit. It was tricky but really fun. Y3 

Can you spot the elderberries? A, B or C?




Forest school diary 3JS

Written by 3JS

At forest school last week we wen pond dipping and we found a newt and a green and black frog. After pond dipping we took part in the barefoot trail, it was exciting and fun because we got really muddy. Next we constructed a big den for you class to watch birds from. Finally we crafted homes for the little animals that live in forest school.