Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Welcome to QuadBlogging!

You have been allocated a brand new Quad. You will be Quad51 and the other Year 5/6 classes are located in America and the United Kingdom. Here are the links you will need to log onto their blogs and leave comments:

Rossmere school,  Ellesmere Port
Stocklmeir Elementary School in America – Their blog is
Eason Elementary – Their blog is

Let's get blogging! Looking forward to seeing all the comments from our new quad-blog school friends!

Here’s a video created by pupils in America, New Zealand and Australia about QuadBlogging:


seb said...

Thank you for that interesting information Alana and well done!! :)

4CJ said...

We are hoping to watch the video at home with our parents.

josh said...

well done Alana that was really interesting information (:

noah said...

havent hached